Heavenly Volume 20 (TripHop, Lounge, Jazz)

Lazy tunes for balmy nights, static Sundays, BBQ chilling and car cruising. This is Heavenly.

Fed up of fruitlessly searching for decent original house music recently I decided to go downtempo for a nice change. There’s a real mixture of genres in this one – kicking off with mixed Triphop moving through Hiphop to Soul, Jazz, Broken Beat and finally a Dubstep anthem to finish.

My faves have to be “But I Do” as well as Indigo Jam Unit’s awesome Jazz belter “Sepia”. Just superb and so unexpected!

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Heavenly Volume 14 (Lounge/Chillout)

My semi-mixed Heavenly series has always been about tracks that I’m currently listening to when chilling out on a lazy sunny day. Perfect sunday session tunes you might say. You can’t really categorise the genre – it’s a bucket load of everything. Lounge, chillout, funk, soul, disco, trip-hop, jazz, latin – you name it. All i know is I love listening to this stuff so I mix it up to save me from messing about with playlists. The only audience I’m playing to is me but I share the mixes anyway because they exist. Hope you don’t mind.

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Heavenly Volume 10 – Birthday Special

Heavenly,  the soundtrack to many a Sunday BBQ, is back sounding as sizzling as always – and  just in time for yet another birthday. Hopefully it won’t be as messy as last year’s escapade!

This month’s set features semi-mixed laid-back Lounge, Chillout and Acid Jazz. If you like your music soulful, there’s some REAL sweet tunes in here and some nice old skool surprises to be had if you’re a codger like me.

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