Frozen Volume 3

Hot on the heels of the latest down-tempo Heavenly mix for chilling in the garden, here’s one for bedtime…….sleeping of course…what did you think I meant?

There are some lovely floaty ambient tracks nested in this set along with some classic trip-hop from Groove Armada and old-school jazz funk from The James Taylor Quartet, not to mention plenty of orchestral strings, swirly pads, lazy beats and ….err…tweeting birds!

I absolutely love creating chill mixes like this; the tracks on it are just simply gorgeous and certainly help relax and take the edge off a crap day. I hope you enjoy it.

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Frozen Volume 1

Currently without track listings, this mix is still a very nice way to spend 80 minutes. It’s choc-full of delicious atmospheric Ambient, mellow acoustics, sweeping pad chords and even a bit of thunder & lightning.

Track 4 features a cover version of a track by Soulstice called Lovely, produced by yours truly and sung by Sarah Jane Russell, a good friend of mine.

If you’ve had a hard night out, this may just be the very thing you need to get you off to sleep 😉

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Mong (1993)

Picture this: it’s 1993, it’s late, I have two turntables, a CD player and two tape decks all wired into the mixer. I’ve lined up the weirdest list of tracks I can find and I’ve dug out a Flash Gordon movie soundtrack tape, a sound effects album, a whole heap of samples and a couple of very warped records.

These mixes, remastered from old tapes, are rather odd, but a very early and original concept for a chill out album – plus it was all recorded live in one take with up to four sound sources playing at once!

Nighty night!