Electro Volume 7

What a way to end 2010. With a mental blend of banging Electro, Techno and Dubstep, this mix is completely off it’s tits. Get ready for a shit load of nasty noise!

Keep your ear out for the four Deadmau5 tracks, especially the skitzo “Raise Your Weapon” and the basic but wickedly effective “Bad Selection”. These require serious volume!

Sadly this is the last mix to come out of Keyworth Towers for a while as the studio is being relocated to a new purpose-built facility. The tunes will be back sometime in 2011 with a bang, so until then have a great Christmas and an awesome New Year!

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Electro Volume 6

August brings another round of angry electro house to upset the cat, annoy the neighbours and drown out the racket from my current nemesis; the dingly-dongly ice cream man that annoys the crap out of the entire suburb all weekend.

This mix is rammed full of nasty basses, piercing bleeps, techno hoovers and pounding uptempo beats – the perfect way to get rid of a twat in a van….that and cobbing lemons 😉  Get it on!

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Electro Volume 4 – Club Paradiso Special

Welcome to 2010 folks! We kicked off the new year with a mad bash on the banks of the swan river at Club Paradiso where the music was simply banging, and this the first mix of 2010, is no exception. Being among hundreds of people bouncing around in the sun certainly was great inspiration when it came to seeking out the latest batch of tunes, so the next 80 minutes is the closest you’ll get to sharing the crazy atmosphere we enjoyed.

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Electro Volume 3

Gearing up for Club Paradiso on new years day 2010, this collection of tunes sets the scene very nicely. This 73 minute mix kicks off with some rather abrasive Electro nasties in the first half leading into Minimal in the latter. Keep your ear out for Let Me Bang and Wardance which will really make your ears bleed, Doman & Gooding’s nice re-work of 808 State’s classic Pacific State and the last track, Breath A New Life, is just gorgeous!

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