Chief Weaponz – Volume 2 (Dubstep/Glitch Hop)

Behold the noise weapon that is Dubstep: the most offensive electronic music known to man, except perhaps the kiddy shite that litters the Top 40 lol. Think of instrumental hardcore heavy metal with tortured digital synths instead of thrash guitars, slowed down to 70bpm (about half the speed of Drum ‘n Bass) with the occasional splattering of either female vocals or rapping and you’ve kinda got it. Not only is Dubstep a total ear basher, it’s also damn impossible to mix!

If you can get past the intro track, which can only be described as “f*cking nuts”, then you’ll easily be able to enjoy the rest of this mix as there are some really great tracks in there. I will warn you, however; it is an acquired taste, but I don’t really care because I make these mixes for me anyway!

Power up the bass cannon!

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Chief Weaponz – Volume 1 (Drum & Bass)

Recent mindless events in the mother country spawned by pointless dole bludgers and other sub-human scum has pissed me right off this week. Much as I’d love to burn down a few council houses in reprisal, there’s nothing much I can do but mix up some angry tunes in protest!

Welcome to a new series –  Chief Weaponz is going to be exactly what it says on the tin – noise weapons for blowing up stereos, pissing off neighbours, riding your motorbike like you’re inside a PS3 racing game or sticking on full blast when you feel like shooting some bastard. Expect some downright rude Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Glitch Hop with each mix having a different genre theme.

Raise your weapons, people – this one’s as angry as I am. It goes a bit errr…. mental from track 4 onwards hehehe love it!. Drum ‘n Bass in your face!

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