Heavenly Volume 20 (TripHop, Lounge, Jazz)

Lazy tunes for balmy nights, static Sundays, BBQ chilling and car cruising. This is Heavenly.

Fed up of fruitlessly searching for decent original house music recently I decided to go downtempo for a nice change. There’s a real mixture of genres in this one – kicking off with mixed Triphop moving through Hiphop to Soul, Jazz, Broken Beat and finally a Dubstep anthem to finish.

My faves have to be “But I Do” as well as Indigo Jam Unit’s awesome Jazz belter “Sepia”. Just superb and so unexpected!

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Origins 4: House Music Pioneers (Classic Soul & Funk 1978-86)

In the late seventies and early eighties it was modern soul busy laying the foundations of house music. Disco was supposedly dead by then, but it wasn’t in the slightest. It was simmering away in the underground ready to come back with a huge electronic bang as “House Music” from the Warehouse Club, Chicago in the mid eighties, heavily influenced by the style of music in this collection.

It was a time of Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, cassette tapes, ghetto blasters and the legendary UK soul weekender. If you were there, you’re going to love this!

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