Rochelle Fleming vs Brame & Hamo – I’m Gonna Give It to Ya (JK’s Hotshot Deep House Mashup)

This mashup kinda just “happened” one lazy afternoon spinning a few tunes. Thought it was worth a re-record and share ūüėČ

Turned out quite a sweet-ass track! Cred goes to the legendary First Choice singer Rochelle Fleming for vocals and Brame & Hamo for the base track Hotshot. Love that groove!


Soul Sessions presents: 51 Albany Street – the afterparty soundtrack

Continuing on from Part 1 of this month’s mix, Part 2 is a tribute to the much-loved 1990’s post-Room afterparties at 51 Albany Street, Hull, courtesy of my friends Louise and Nan who are both turning 50 this year. I’m sure there are many older Hull clubbers¬†who’ll fondly remember those heady days¬†chilling out, having a cuppa and talking bollocks all night to some uplifting mellow¬†tunes whilst crashed out in their front room. Good times! Continue reading

Soul Sessions December 2014

The last mix of 2014 before I jet off to the UK is choc-full of beefed up old skool goodies from Bill Withers, De La Soul, Positive Force and Class Action, amongst others.
It’s all about the groove: disco, funk and a bit of jazz, ¬†mixed with modern deep and soulful house and fat bass lines, topped off with some Broken Beat – ¬†it’s all in there!

Hope you have a groovin’ Christmas! Continue reading

Soul Sessions January 2014

Had to rush this one through before new year as I’ll soon be off touring from Perth to Tasmania on my motorbike. Needed some new tunage for my trip so here’s the result. Slightly more mellow than normal but great soulful tunes none the less.

My fave is Louis Vega’s remix of EOL – Figli Delle Stelle, which means “sons of stars” in Italian just in case you’re wondering. I just love the unexpected Italian vocal popping up from nowhere on top of the usual laid back beats from EOL. Great stuff.

Anyhow, sod Christmas I’m off riding. See ya in a month!

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