Geisha Nights: Under the Mirror Ball Sky – Volumes 1 & 2

In the first of a new series, come sample the sounds of a banging night in the best club in the west. This mix series is a tip of the hat to “the one and only”; an oasis of underground house music in a desert city of flannelet shirts and mullets. For solid beats and big bass lines, there is only one place to go – under the mirror ball sky.

This month it’s a double CD’s worth of tunes – two mixes with different vibes. Volume 1 jacks you through peak-hour and Volume 2 is deeper, foot-tapping material for later.


Volume 1 – 1.00AM

This is one thumping-ass mix rammed full of funky bass lines and wicked beats coming one after another. Check out track 1, which has been sprinkled with a drop of 1980’s classic house care of moi. Ever wanted to know how to Jack Your Body? Well this track is an education! Just make sure you wash your hands afterwards….

Other highlights include Sonny Fodera’s Let it Roll which samples the Doug Lazy hip-hop classic, Sean Biddle’s Without You sampling Sister Sledge, Street Lady and Jazz Bang (mad jazz-based tracks) and finally New Dimension from Soulmagic, which samples 80’s group Imagination.

Enough from me, just play the damn thing!

Olivers & Riggs – Chiva’s Rules (Keyworth’s Jackin Meddle)
Brent Vassar – Keep Your Head Up
Sonny Fodera – Let It Roll
Jackin’ Box – Right Back Jack
Sean Biddle – Without You (Kyle Pound Remix)
Sonny Fodera – Disco Biscuits
Untitled – UncleSound Remix
DJ Sherg Feat Lady Emz – Time & Rhythm (Jam Funk Remix)
GramophoneDzie – Street Lady (Anhanguera Mix)
Jackin’ Box – Jazz Bang
Jackin’ Box – Clap Your Hands Together
Chris Quadrant – Good Times (Soul De Marin Remix)
Arco – Sure Shot
Soulmagic Vs Imagination – New Dimension (Soulmagic Classic Mix)




Volume 2 – 4.00 AM

The solid house groove continues with a more deeper, laid back vibe. Sit back, sip on a Jack, take it easy and enjoy. It’s one for the head nodding society!

King Kooba – Sans Filtre
Hanna Feat Ajazmir – Sometimes (Quell Remix)
Heather Johnson –  Million Miles (Alix Alverez Album Remix)
Marcus Aurelius –  Hardy’s Encore
Craig Hamilton – Glass Cheque (20 Pence Refund)
Tripmasterz – Back On His B.S (Original Mix)
Marcus Aurelius – Wigged Out
Chemars – Gimme Dat Good Feelin
Unclesound – Disco EP (Eric Bo’s Fuck-sco Mix)
Butch – Life (Original Mix)
Leatherhead – Once The Pen Hits The Pad
Wattie Green – Language Of Music (Bryan Jones Remix)
Sean Dimitrie Feat. Christina – Every Player’s Dream (Original Mix)




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2 thoughts on “Geisha Nights: Under the Mirror Ball Sky – Volumes 1 & 2

  1. Hey there my “don’t see you often enough” occasional clubbin buddy. HUGE SHOUT OUT to my man for that hands-in-the-air, bomb droppin 5 CD Electro set you burnt for me just before lady L n I headed off for China. The way you soo subtly dropped deadmau5 in all over the place just blows me away every time…think the last half of volume 3 is my fav…but shit, I love em all…haven’t stopped playin em over n over since we’ve been back. I’ll give you a call…let’s do those jars we’ve bin promisin ourselves…got lots of good stuff to chat about. Take care – hope to be seein you soon :)) BTW…LOVE this tribute to my home away from home for about 7 hrs every 2nd Sat/Sun morn.

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