Chief Weaponz – Volume 1 (Drum & Bass)

Recent mindless events in the mother country spawned by pointless dole bludgers and other sub-human scum has pissed me right off this week. Much as I’d love to burn down a few council houses in reprisal, there’s nothing much I can do but mix up some angry tunes in protest!

Welcome to a new series –  Chief Weaponz is going to be exactly what it says on the tin – noise weapons for blowing up stereos, pissing off neighbours, riding your motorbike like you’re inside a PS3 racing game or sticking on full blast when you feel like shooting some bastard. Expect some downright rude Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Glitch Hop with each mix having a different genre theme.

Raise your weapons, people – this one’s as angry as I am. It goes a bit errr…. mental from track 4 onwards hehehe love it!. Drum ‘n Bass in your face!

Roni Size – Heroes
Survival/DLR/Octane – Spectrum
Sub Focus – Stomp
Noisia – Program
Ryme Tyme – Venom
Spor – As Dust Falls
State Of Mind – Here We Go
Phetsa/Shock One – Crucify Me
Delta Heavy – Minus
DJ Marky – Mystic Sunset
Mutt/Calculon/Kevin King – Easy On The Motion
Optive – Music Within
Komatic – Those Feelings
Brooks Brothers Feat. Robert Owens – Beautiful




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