Heavenly Volume 20 (TripHop, Lounge, Jazz)

Lazy tunes for balmy nights, static Sundays, BBQ chilling and car cruising. This is Heavenly.

Fed up of fruitlessly searching for decent original house music recently I decided to go downtempo for a nice change. There’s a real mixture of genres in this one – kicking off with mixed Triphop moving through Hiphop to Soul, Jazz, Broken Beat and finally a Dubstep anthem to finish.

My faves have to be “But I Do” as well as Indigo Jam Unit’s awesome Jazz belter “Sepia”. Just superb and so unexpected!

Cuppa tea, feet up. Nice.

  1. Cuppa tea, feet up. Nice.
  2. Esbe – Tribute To Music
  3. Copy Of Poldoore – But I Do
  4. Cassius Mc Fawner – Cuban Rum
  5. Giovanni Lucchetti – Stranamind
  6. LTJ Experience – I Don’t Want This Groove to Ever End
  7. Jemeni – No More Dating DJs
  8. Karl Frierson – Soul Desire
  9. indigo Jam Unit – Sepia
  10. FKJ – Tui
  11. David Federman Feat. Maeva – Cherry Tree
  12. Dilouya Feat. Omar – Over The Sun
  13. Dragonfly – Blue Skies
  14. Club Des Beluges – Welcome To Brazil
  15. The Allergies – Blast Off
  16. Mercy X Feat. Ashley Lawless – Caught Fire


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