In The Beginning There Was Jack”

Good tunes and good times – we remember them all well – how they made us feel, who we were with and what we were up to at those fleeting points in the continuum. Those were and still are, quite simply, the best days of our lives and they should never be forgotten.

I started playing around with House music way back in the mid-eighties, and even three decades later, it still stirs the soul for me just as it did back then.

This site is an audiological timeline documenting my ever-expanding music collection and occasional production tinkerings, with an extra special nod to underground house music and the oldies that made House what it is today.

Here you’ll find CD-length DJ mixes spanning most genres of electronic music, some of my own tracks and remixes of other artists’ material. Look for the download link on each post and please make sure you check out and subscribe to my Mixcloud and Soundcloud profiles.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I love playing.

House music all night long!”