Soul Sessions presents: 51 Albany Street – the afterparty soundtrack

Continuing on from Part 1 of this month’s mix, Part 2 is a tribute to the much-loved 1990’s post-Room afterparties at 51 Albany Street, Hull, courtesy of my friends Louise and Nan who are both turning 50 this year. I’m sure there are many older Hull clubbers who’ll fondly remember those heady days chilling out, having a cuppa and talking bollocks all night to some uplifting mellow tunes whilst crashed out in their front room. Good times!

Well this is it, nearly 2 hours of smooth, jazzy and deep Soulful House Music, many tracks coming out of the various projects produced by the legendary Louis Vega, one half of Masters At Work. Come to think of it, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, Louis Vega and singer India performed at The Room in the 90’s with 4 turntables if I remember correctly! Well I was a bit wasted…

For the full effect, may I suggest partaking in a cuppa tea and a bifta whilst listening. Enjoy!

  1. Louis Vega & Monique Bingham – Elevator
  2. Zo! & Tamisha Waden – Steal My Joy
  3. Louis Vega & Anane Vega – Heaven Knows
  4. Elements of Life – Into My Life
  5. Louis Vega & Brutha Brasil – Freedom Of Dance (The Beat)
  6. Louis Vega & Julie McKnight – Diamond Life
  7. Emdee Brown – Again
  8. Sam Miguel – Woman
  9. 3 Winans Brothers & The Clark Sisters – Dance (Louis Vega Dub)
  10. Urmet K & Kathy Diamond – Lost & Found Me
  11. Ivan Jack – Sexy Eyes
  12. Wanda Baloyi & Kabomo – Kisses (Louis Vega Kaya Mix)
  13. 3 Winans Brothers & Karen Clark Sheard – I Choose You (Louis Vega Chosen Dub)
  14. Lego Rodriguez – When I’m With You
  15. Ministry of Funk – Nothing
  16. Cleavage & Lars Vegas – Grace
  17. Dawn Tallman – I Am Not Afraid – Louis Vega LP Vocal)
  18. Tony Momrelle – All The Things You Are – (Louis Vega Remix)
  19. Masters At Work featuring India – Backfired (MAW remix)


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